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BioLet Composting Toilets


$1,249.00 $1,549.00
Non-Electric Waterless Toilet
Designed for locations where reliable electricity is not available, the BTS33 NE is the perfect choice for the rustic cabin, hunting camp, or house off the grid. The BTS33 NE is also a great choice for applications supplied by solar power where the additional load of the electric models may be too much for your solar system. A 12VDC fan can easily be added to the ventilation system.

Rated at 3 people full-time use and 4 people part-time use, the BTS33 NE's capacity can be increased by adding optional composting bins. Each bin increases the capacity of the system by 2-3 people. When a compost bin fills, just remove the bin and move it outside for further composting and place the next bin inside the unit.

Equipped with a convenient drain tube, the BTS33 NE drains off any excess liquids to an auxiliary container, French drain or leach field. Since liquids are not a limiting factor, the BTS33 NE will allow for applications where a larger capacity may be needed.

Its proven batch composting system combined with constant air circulation proves an excellent solution to almost any situation. A very appealing design and simplicity of use, makes the BTS33 NE a great choice!

As with all toilets sold by BioLet Toilet Systems the BTS33 NE is easy to install by anyone with basic handyman knowledge in just a couple hours with common household tools.

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